Jennifer Asen

Hair Texture Guru, Educator & Product Formulator at Jennifer Naturals

Born in Nigeria and now living in London, Canada, Jennifer who is half black and half white trained to be a hair stylist so she could conquer her textured hair. Now she shares her passion and knowledge by coaching clients and professionals.


Why I stopped being a 'hairstylist' and became a 'hair coach'.

OCT 16 / by Jen Asen / Hair Coach

I am sensitive sort and just couldn't take the heartbreak any more. It seemed like all my hard work wasn't getting me anywhere. I seemed to be just repeating myself over and over again, I started sounding like a broken record.

Going Back To My Roots!

 The 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before You Stop Chemically

Smoothing Your Hair.

NOV 30 / by Jen Asen/ Hair Coach

The number one question my clients with chemically smoothed hair ask me is if they should go natural and how to go about it.

When you've been chemically smoothing your hair for a while and now want to go natural, it is hard to know where to start.

5 Things Textured Clients Should Know Before Going


July 20 / by Jen Asen / Hair Coach

Whether you have naturally dark hair or pre-existing color, know that what you walk in with plays a HUGE role in the blonding process. 

Is Your Hair Spring Ready?

Mar 30 / by Jen Asen / Hair Coach

Spring time is my favorite time of the year. It represents a new beginning, a fresh start, a change. Take advantage of this inspiring energy, organize and clean out your closets, add new pieces to your wardrobe or best of all do your hair!

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